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Founded in 2017, Bandwich has cooked up a vast menu of original music, spanning from Afro-Cuban inspired compositions to electronic jazz-hop. Over the main-course of two years, this mix of herbivores and carnivores have traveled the lands of the northeast, performing at various clubs, venues and festivals year round. Dessert is here and in the form of TWO studio albums, featuring Jake Redgate on bass, Keith Briggs on guitar, bass, drums and vocals, Riley Kern on drums and Kale Uriah Churchill on keyboards, Rhodes and synthesizers. In the summer of 2018, Bandwich began recording their two studio projects in the shadows of Maine's mighty Mt. Katahdin, among some of the states most vast wilderness regions.

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Bandwich is currently a four course meal consisting of two carnivores, a cheating vegan and Kale. Despite drastic dietary differences, Bandwich is mixing naturally flavored R&B by night and GMO-Free improvisation by day...

Behind the beef filled bass lines of Jake Redgate, quinoa covered keyboard work of Kale Uriah Chruchill, bacon wrapped beats of Ryan Benoit and guacamole engulfed guitar work of Keith Briggs, Bandwich cooks up your favorite quadruple patty dance party, every single serving, hot or cold, with a vegan patty option.

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      Bandwich and its members have been lucky enough to have shared the stage and performed with members of Phish, Blues Traveler, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil Lesh/Bob Weir Duo, Otis Redding III, Moon Boot Lover, The Motet, Mallett Brothers Band, Gorilla Finger Dub, Gater, Skyfoot, Hambone, The New Motif, Merther and other local and national acts near and far.
     Bandwich and its members have performed at festivals along the east coast such as Disc Jam Music Festival, Bandcamp Music and Arts Festival, The Kind Mind Campout, Germination, Harvest Ball and Trichomania and performed at venues and clubs from Bangor to New York City

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